If we are shipping your puppy or dog to you, please allow us to make the airline reservations.

Due to new USDA/APHIS regulations, only puppies purchased for Hunting or Working Homes can be shipped to you unaccompanied. IF you wish to fly in and have your puppy fly back with you, that is no problem.
In order to protect the consumer, the USDA/APHIS requires that all pet puppies be picked up in person or a designated family member or agent must meet with us to actually see the puppy at the time of purchase.
If you have questions about this policy, give us a call and we will work with you to see how we can satisfy the regulations.

If you would like one of our pups for hunting or working, but don't live within driving distance, we can ship your pup to you by air. Once the pup is nine weeks old, and already used to a puppy crate, we can arrange air transportation to all major US continental cities from Washington Dulles or Richmond airport. We try to find direct or one stop flights in order to make the pup's trip as short as possible. We use airlines which have a good record of providing excellent handling for puppies and dogs.

The usual rate is around $400 for a puppy's airfare, more for older puppies and adult dogs. We can provide a kennel to ship your pup, usually we prefer to ship puppies in a 200 or Medium sized kennel, which runs around $95.00. Older pups and dogs require larger kennels, as according to FAA regulations. We have shipped pups all over the country without mishap, so we will make travel arrangements for your puppy, but of course confirm that the day and time is convenient for you.

Unsure about shipping? Here's a customer email we received after shipping one of our pups from Virginia to Alaska:

Subject: Gus
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000

Phyllis & Jack:

Thank you so much for the adorable puppy! He was well worth the wait. He is just a ball full of energy. I can see that I still have some puppy proofing to do around the house. He is just so cute. I will make sure to send you some pictures once I get some taken. The guys at Delta Cargo here in Anchorage just loved him. They were very helpful and made sure that we gave him water and food before we left their office. As soon as we opened his kennel he just came bouncing out. He did very well and didn't even go in his kennel. So far we have only had a few accidents in the house, but I have now figured out when he needs to go. He just starts sniffing everything. You should see him jump off the deck into the snow. He loves it! Maybe I can take a video of him and send it down to you.

By the way, how do I register him with AKC, do I just send in that pedigree once I fill out his name?

Again, thank you so much for everything. I know the new litter of 12 has probably got you pretty busy.

Dawn & Roy

Here's another letter about a pup that went to Saudi:

Subject: Yellow, Female Lab Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2009

Hi Phyllis,
Things are great! She is such a sweetheart :) The trip out here went so well. She was quiet for the whole flight unless she wanted a little love and then she'd go right back to sleep! She held her bladder until we got to Frankfurt and went outside. Same with the second leg... I was completely amazed at how smooth it all went. Lufthansa didn't check her paperwork once and neither did Bahrain, the country we flew into before driving into Saudi. The officers at that checkpoint were really nice and didn't make me go through the vet check up and just passed her through.

Out here, she had her first swim in the ocean a week ago. I can't go too far in and she's been pretty tentative. She loves playing in the sand and adores all the attention she gets out here (only puppy on camp, so you can imagine!)

I really wish I had gotten some Missing Link and the other pill of goodness she was on...too much of a rush, though.

She's so lovely and I'm so glad you took such good care of her -- I'm a lucky lady :) I know you probably see pictures all the time, but I attached two of my favorites for a little visual update on Kamea.
See Kamea picture 1
See Kamea picture 2

I hope you are well and everything is going alright out there!


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