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Four yellow males and one yellow female from Haze x Rockette. High powered, intelligent pups for hunting, performance, Field Trial homes.
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Rockette yellow Girl Dolly
Dolly will be a good size yellow girl, light yellow in color. She is a high energy, busy dog and would make an excellent hunt test or field trial dog, or excel in any performance venue. She knows sits, heel, come and retrieve on land and in the water. She is an excellent swimmer.

Rockette boy Chuck
Chuck is a smaller, white colored pup with a sweet and easy going personality. He is very attentive, and loves to make you happy. HE has basic obedience skills and is a good retriever, and a good swimmer.

Rockette boy Ben
Ben is a light colored yellow pup. He is very happy and and eager to please. He loves ro retrieve, is good in a crate, understands basic obedience commands and loves to swim. Great choice for a family companion, performance home or hunting.

Rockette boy Earl
Earl is a medium yellow color, medium size. A real people pleaser, he is very eager to do whatever you ask. Good obedience skills, crate manners, and likes to retrieve. Good swimmer.

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