Here are some more letters and photos we received from satisfied owners
(Last names and addresses have been omitted)

From: Steve
Date: December 29, 2017
Subject: Leo. Casey/Mac parents

Frolicking in the snow at lake charlevoix Michigan
Fabulous first year of duckhunting in upland hunting
Thank you deep run !! Fabulous companion
Another Leo picture
Owner Steve

From: Lorrie
Sent: 12/21/2017
Subject: Update on one of your puppies.

Christmas greetings! This is Monty. Out of a litter from Madonna and Rugby. Today is his 4th birthday. We adopted him while we were living in NJ but now live in Seattle. He loves it here. And we love him so dearly. He has never met a stranger and loves everyone he meets. And he actually stops traffic along Alki beach because he is so endearing. Thank you for him. He’s enriched our lives more than I can say. Thanks for this great gift. Best wishes for 2018.

From: Georgina
Date: December 13, 2017
To: Giroux Phyllis
Subject: Biscuit (Casey x Gala)

Hi Phyllis and Kristi,

I just wanted to give you an update on Biscuit (Casey x Gala). He is shaping up to be every bit as amazing as Gumbo (Chief x Beyoncé). They were best friends instantly. Now they're inseparable!
Biscuit is beautiful, smart and biddable. In a couple of months he'll start hunt training. Thank you for another wonderful dog!


From: Beth
Date: Sat, Nov 4, 2017
Subject: Photos 17 Months old Mud Dog
To: Deep Run Retreivers -

Mud Dog turned 17 months old.
His parents are Hatter & Ruby.
He enjoys our field out back and is just as much a great companion dog as he is a serious retriever. We really love him.
Mud Dog picture 2
Mud Dog picture 3


Date: October 30, 2017
To: Phyllis Giroux,
Subject: Deep Run”s Unsinkable Molly Brown

Hi Phyllis,

Thought you would enjoy seeing our pup. Completely oblivious to the leaf on the end of her nose. All is well with her and the compliments on her beautiful appearance come routinely.


From: Alan
Date: Fri, Oct 13, 2017
Subject: Mandy ( mad hatter x russell ).

2 1/2 years old and great hunting / companion.
Thanks for your great breeding, well worth the drive from Massachusetts!

Take care, Al
p.s. - lucky Friday 13th.

From: Renee'
Date: October 15, 2017
Subject: Puppy Update


Hope you had a wonderful trip and sorry we didn't get to meet you on Thursday Christi was great and we LOVE our newest addition to our family (Casey x Gala). We have named her Cassie. She has adjusted amazingly to her new forever home in Delaware. We were very impressed with our experience with everyone at Deep Run Retrievers and the complete paperwork and documents that we received. Cassie will be seeing our vet on Wednesday. She is the perfect addition to our home. I've attached a couple pictures of her and her new life in Delaware. In the picture of her riding home she looks like she is smiling. See picture 2.

Thank you again!!!
Renee' & Gary

From: Nikki
Date: October 14, 2017
Subject: Gidget

Hi Phyllis,

I couldn't be more thrilled with my Deep Run Pup. Gidget (Casey x Dahlia) and I did our first 5k walk today. The event was to benefit animal rescue and featured 160 walkers, runners, strollers and other dogs. I was able to keep Gidget's attention despite the excitement, and she did great. I am so glad I have such a well-adjusted pup that is a joy to take everywhere!

Thanks again,

From: Jennifer
Date: Tue, Oct 10, 2017
Subject: Caico and her big sister Maddie

Hi Deep Run,

Caico (Casey/Rockette) celebrated her 1st birthday in August and keeps us on our toes! She is full of personality and cracks us up on a daily basis. She had a very fun summer jumping/ swimming in the pool and running on the beach. She is so playful and LOVES to retrieve. We love watching her and her big sister Maddie (Casey/Gypsy) interact.

In the picture of just her, I had just come inside from playing with her in the yard and she brought her frisbee into the living room from outside so I’d throw it more for her. I can’t say no to that face??
Hope all is well,


From: Sharon
Date: Tue, Oct 10, 2017
Subject: Sara (Pancho x Fly (7/28/12)

Hello everyone at Deep Run Farm,

It was a great weekend for Sara at the Eastern Maine Agility Club trial in Bar Harbor, ME. She took 6 firsts, 2 seconds and a fourth in 12 classes and earned her C-ATCH2. She sure is a blast to compete with, and a real crowd pleaser. Everyone comments on how calm and relaxed she is out of the ring, snoozing in her x-pen or visiting with friends, but such a dynamo on any course. See another Sara picture.

Thank you again for breeding such wonderful dogs, and giving them such an amazing head start as pups.

Sharon and Sara

From: Justin
Date: October 7, 2017
To: Phyllis Giroux,
Subject: PA Task Force 1 Half Sisters

Good Afternoon!

I am not sure if Tom or Dave have sent this picture to you or not.
Got to take advantage of this photo opportunity a few weekends ago. 3 half sisters: Memphis, Luna, and Rainier (right to left) got to meet during training at the Philadelphia Fire Academy. All share Hatter's genes and you can tell!

Thanks again,

From: "V.K."
Date: October 5, 2017
To: Phyllis Giroux
Subject: Little "Solie" doing fine at Red Top Farm

I mentioned that “Solie” would be the 10th yellow lab I have had over the years. She is still a young pup, but I would have to say she is the brightest, boldest puppy I have ever had. She has joined the clan and runs with the big dogs! She retrieves her balls, leaps into the water with zest, and has a fine nose already. She is very bird aware, looks up, sees the bird and stays glued on until it flies away.
She starts puppy school this week, but she comes by her name, walks pretty well on her leash and sits quietly already. She may be able to skip a grade!
She also is a very pretty pup with a lovely head and as she develops, you can tell she is going to be a well balanced, strong dog.
A few photos –
Solie with the farm clan – Quebec 12 and Bateau 7
Solie working the farm stand
Sleeping dogs
The girls Solie Quebec & Bateau
Stay tuned for updates from Puppy School.


On Aug 30, 2017, at 11:53 AM, V.K. wrote:

Deep Run Team.
I wanted to let you know little “Solie” is doing fine. She had her well puppy check at our Vet Clinic and she is just fine. She got her next shots and on the schedule for the rest she will need. She started heart worm and flea/tick meds and slept through most of the appointment, she was worn out with all the puppy hugs.
She is fitting in well with the clan here. Lots of walks around the farm with the big labs (females) and knows her “safe places” on the front porch and barn to hop in her kennel and take a nap. Eat, play, nap – a good life. She sleeps most of the night with down to one outside break now and then back to sleep. We plan to take our first swim in the Bay with the big dogs very soon. We have a nice shallow beach for her first outing.
She is very bright and interested in everything. She is bold and brave and has acclimated to the schedule here. Needless to say, she was a hit at the farm stand with our customers.
All is well and she is a fine addition to our farm.


From: Laura
Date: October 5, 2017
To: Phyllis Giroux
Subject: Brady and Fenway update

Hi Phyllis!
Well, my little Brady (Casey x Mac) turned 1 on September 19th. I couldn't resist sending you an email to give you an update on how well she's doing. Weighing in yesterday at 58 pounds, she's completely healthy and gorgeous! I receive numerous comments on both my girls often and I always brag about deep run when I say where they are from. Brady is much different in personality from Fenway (sam x easy July 2014). Brady is entirely snuggly and exceedingly stubborn... Things are most often on her own time but she's incredibly intelligent, observant, smart, loyal and playful. But in the house, she just wants to snuggle up with me. Blessed. Fenway, now 3, has lost 6 pounds and is down to 71 pounds as of yesterday and super athletic. Both girls have done a lot of swimming this summer. Complete naturals. And I'm pleased to report Fenway has had no tumors in the last year. So we are on a good path. The two of them have become amazing companions to myself and to each other. We are truly happy. Thank you for my gorgeous girls!


From: Dory
Date: Thu, Sep 21, 2017
Subject: Milly
To: Phyllis Giroux,

Three months tomorrow! Thought I would share this precious photo. She is a wonderful puppy. Thank you, Dory

From: Curt
Date: September 18, 2017
To: Phyllis Giroux,
Subject: Scout

Hey Phyllis I hope all is well! I just wanted to send you an update on Scout. He is nearly 10 months old now and has had his first few dove and duck hunts this month. We train daily at the farm. He is retrieving very well and has been super easy to train! He loves the water and anything with feathers. He is still going to the office with me everyday as well so he has a pretty good life! Thanks for a great dog!

From: Deep Run Farm,
Date: September 13, 2017
To: Phyllis Giroux,
Subject: Jonathon x Chanel pup

The Chanel pup we shipped the other day....Georgie

From: Mary
Date: Mon, Sep 11, 2017
Subject: Happy Birthday Nash!

Thank you Phyllis and Christine for this beautiful friend ... 1 year old today!!

From: Betsy
Date: September 8, 2017
Subject: She is a gem

7.5 hour ride home. She slept, went to the bathroom and just chilled in her crate.
Met her big sister and was pretty sweet.
We will all sleep well tonight.
She moved right on in. Callie's bed and bowl! All good. See Callie's video
Cannot thank you all enough. She is such a wonderful addition to our family. She will be treasured, protected and loved. She will have met 3 out of 4 of my children by Sunday. It is not my cooking.


From: Debbie
Date: August 31, 2017
To: Phyllis Giroux
Subject: Zeke is 5 Months Old

Greetings from CA,

Where has the time gone! Zeke is 5 months old today! I look down and see this half grown dog and I wonder how it happened so fast!
Takoda(Sam/Peaches 2012) has been beyond amazing with this puppy. Just a testament to the wonderful temperament of your dogs. I attached some pics of Zeke and Takoda below.
Zeke and Takoda picture 1
Zeke and Takoda picture 2
We did have a scare a month ago with Zeke. He started having diarrhea and was vomitting. Vet x-rayed for a blockage but thankfully he did not have one. Ended up he had roundworms. Fecal sample also indicated he had been exposed to Giradia but was not actively shedding. Poor thing went home with tons of medicine and was wormed again plus treated for Giardia.
Vet also gave him 10 days of a probiotic to take which he has finished. He had a 2nd wormer this past weekend then they will test his stool again next week to make sure he's clear.
He looks a bit skinny right now but could also be because he is in the "leggy" stage of growth. He was 28lbs at 16 weeks which was when we found the worms and at 20 weeks he is 35lbs. He is around 18 inches tall. The last photo below was taken a few days ago.
Do you think it would be a good idea to add a probiotic into his diet for a few months or is the Missing Link puppy supplement enough? If so is there a probiotic brand you recommend?


From: V.K.
Date: August 30, 2017
To: Subject: Little "Solie" doing fine at Red Top Farm

Deep Run Team,
I wanted to let you know little "Solie" is doing fine. She had her well puppy check at our Vet Clinic and she is just fine. She got her next shots and on the schedule for the rest she will need. She started heart worm and flea/tick meds and slept through most of the appointment, she was worn out with all the puppy hugs.
She is fitting in well with the clan here. Lots of walks around the farm with the big labs (females) and knows her "safe places" on the front porch and barn to hop in her kennel and take a nap. Eat, play, nap – a good life. She sleeps most of the night with down to one outside break now and then back to sleep. We plan to take our first swim in the Bay with the big dogs very soon. We have a nice shallow beach for her first outing.
She is very bright and interested in everything. She is bold and brave and has acclimated to the schedule here. Needless to say, she was a hit at the farm stand with our customers.
All is well and she is a fine addition to our farm.


From: David
Date: August 27, 2017
To: Deep Run Farm,
Subject: Luna pictures

Hello Deep Run staff!
We hope this email finds you well. Here are some picture of Luna picked up on July 15th settled into her home and a welcomed addition to our family.
Literally every person she meets is met with a wagging tail and lots of loving kisses! She gets complimented on her polite sit and welcoming demeanor.
Her obedience trainer was impressed with her ability to start to work independently, navigate obstacles and show no fear when getting on the rubble pile at US&R training. Her quote "she was born for this work" When Luna is a certified FEMA dog next year. She will surely be an asset to our Team and when/where ever we are deployed.
Thank you and your staff for her, we love her very much and lucky to have a Deep Run Dog!

David's Family
Below are some pictures of both work with PA TF1, agility training and some hanging around time at home
Luna picture 1
Luna picture 2
Luna picture 3

From: Joanne
Date: August 27, 2017
Subject: Asher (Charlie/Carly) & Gus (Hero/Peach) update

Hi Deeprun - Here are some recent pictures of the boys. Gus just turned 12 and even though he has been diagnosed with Lar Par he is still doing amazingly well for his age. He is just a fantastic dog in every way. Asher is also doing great. He and Gus get along very well and he's my 5 yr old daughters shadow. He's been a wonderful addition to our family. Everyone who meets both our dogs praise how well bred and behaved they are.
Picture 2
Picture 3
Over the summer Asher had his first swim in the lake and loved it. We couldn't get him out! He loves water of any kind (rain, hose, pool, stream or lake) a true lab. He takes his first trip to the Outer Banks next week for our family vacation and I can't wait to see him on the beach.
We are so happy to have these beautiful animals in our life.

Thank you!
Joanne, Chris & Tori

From: Matt
Date: August 23, 2017
To: ""
Subject: Deep Run Willie

Hi Kristi,
Just a quick note to let you know that Willie (Hatter x Laila) is at his new home in Potomac, safe and sound. He settled right in his crate and slept most of the drive back. We are already in love with him, such a gentle, calm, and happy pup.

Willy picture 2
Willy picture 3
Thank you, Deep Run!

From: Deb
Sent: 8/27/2017
Subj: Bentley and Oliver

Hi Phyllis et al.

It has been a while. I want to share a photo of Bentley and Oliver (Casey their dad...different mom). Bentley will be 6 on September 12th. Oliver was 2 January of this year. They are such wonderful Labs. We enjoy every second of being with them. Bentley has been a calm lab since age 1. Oliver is a teenager now, impish and lively. Thanks again for our daily joy! Photo attached.

Warmly, Deb and Steve

From: Mary
Date: August 25, 2017
Subject: Nash and Me

Our birthday's are 4 days apart!
Mine is 9/6/17 Nash's 9/11/17

From: Dylan
Date: August 24, 2017
To: ""
Subject: Thank you letter from an old customer - re Holly Roberts

I bought a lab puppy from Deep Run way back in 2009. I meant to send you a note many years ago to let you know how we were doing, but kept putting it off and not getting to it. Very belatedly, I am sending you a note of thanks.

Our dog was a female yellow lab, who we named Holly. I think her mother was perhaps named Fiona, although I don’t remember exactly. She was born in February of 2009, and we picked her up in late April. She grew up in New York City, with frequent weekend trips to Long Island and New Jersey. She loved the beach, and any kind of water, more than any dog I have ever known. Every time we took her to the beach, and Holly ran right into the water, strangers would come up to us to tell us the same thing – that they had never seen a dog so happy in the water. She also loved playing fetch, and would happily chase a tennis ball past the point of exhaustion if we let her. She was incredibly loving and truly the best- she would have made a very enthusiastic therapy dog, because if she sensed that any of her humans were upset about anything she would absolutely insist on comforting us however she could.

Holly unfortunately was diagnosed with Lyme nephritis last Friday. She spent the weekend at the hospital, came home Sunday night, and then deteriorated quickly despite lots and lots of drugs (and love). By yesterday morning it was clear that she was starting to suffer and had no reasonable chance at recovery, and we had a house call vet come put her down at home. Thank you for bringing such a sweet, beautiful creature into our lives. I don’t know if we just got incredibly lucky, or if all your dogs are so amazing, but I really don’t think I have ever known a more loving, well-behaved, joyful dog.

I am attaching three pictures of Holly so that you can see how she turned out. One is of her helping me out with a conference call in April 2009, just a few days after she came home with us. One is of her standing on the beach in Amagansett in December of 2015. And the third is of her running at a bay beach in New Jersey this summer. Holly was out-running, out-swimming, and out-playing every other dog at the bay that day, and no one could believe that she was 8 years old. It turned out to be her last swim, and she loved every second of it, which was generally her approach to life.

Thank you again

From: Jeff
Date: August 20, 2017
To: Deep Run Farm -
Subject: Re: Puppy Deposit Information

Hi Kristi,
Just wanted to thank you for taking so much time this morning to introduce us to our new girl.
She was so good in the car. Told us every time she had to go. No accidents or messes.
She is very happy at her new house and waiting for my wife and daughter to get home. Napping at the moment.
A few pictures attached. We'll send more.

Best regards,

From: Donna
Date: August 8, 2017
To: Phyllis Giroux
Subject: Holmes! (Charley x Glow)

From: Sue
Date: Sun, Jul 30, 2017
Subject: Our Jonathon-Cassie Puppy
To: Phyllis Giroux

Hi, Phyllis and Kristi,
What a sweet little girl! We've named her Holly. This is an update on her first 3 days with us and some pictures.
After we picked Holly up at Deep Run on Friday morning we had a 640-mile drive back home. Because of heavy traffic, backups from two wrecks on I-85 in NC and SC, and rain off and on, it took us 12 hours to get home. We were so pleased that Holly slept most of the way in her crate and hardly ever vocalized (we stopped every two hours to let her potty and stretch).
Don't know if you've heard of the Snuggle Puppy behavioral aid toy but it has been a godsend. I read about it re: calming senior dogs if they become anxious and saw that most people buy the toy for newly adopted puppies. We got one from Amazon before we went up to get Holly, hoping the "heartbeat" and snuggly body of the toy would be soothing and make the long trip more comfortable for her.
Not only did it do that quite well, it also keeps her quiet at night and during the day when she's in the crate. She wrestles with it when she's awake and curls up next to or lies on top of it when she sleeps, mostly ignoring the other stuffed dog toy we sometimes leave in there:

We highly recommend the Snuggle Puppy to the other folks who get your pups, especially if they have a long drive home. (Note: we take her collar off at night or if we aren't nearby when she's in the crate.)
On Saturday we picked up our two older Labs from the boarding facility and introduced them to Holly. We are so pleased with how all three dogs have gotten along.
Cody (14YO black male) doesn't want to play with her but he's very good with he. Holly has already learned not to bite him or jump all over him like she can with Casey, our 5YO female Siskel-Easy pup. Casey still has a puppy brain so she loves playing with Holly and she's gentle with her. It's so cute to watch them play in and out of the house:

Casey teaching Holly how to "fish:"

(Right after this picture was taken we filled the "pool" with water again up to Holly's belly. Both she and Casey try to catch the "fish" in the bottom of the pool when the water makes it look like they're moving. Too cute.)
They share toys well:

We asked for a smaller, calmer puppy and think you chose well for us. Kristi weighed Holly at 9 lb. 6 oz. on Friday, which is 3-4 lb. less than Casey Girl, our Siskel-Easy pup, weighed when we got her.
She's very lovable and playful but not hyper. She's having fun meeting neighbors and strangers as we begin to socialize her here. We took her for a golf cart ride on part of Peachtree City's extensive network of cart paths this afternoon and she garnered all sorts of attention, as only an adorable yellow Lab puppy can do! We know to keep her off the grass/paths/floors until she's had all her shots so she just sat in my lap while Jim drove and we encouraged people without dogs to pet her.
We'll take her to our vet tomorrow afternoon for her first checkup. We'll let you know if he sees anything wrong but we aren't expecting that to happen. We know you've taken excellent care of her. We love her and promise to do the same.

Thank you,
Sue and Jim

From: Philip
Date: July 28, 2017
To: Phyllis Giroux,
Subject: FEMA Canine Certification

Hi Phyllis

Just wanted to let you and the folks at Deep Run know that Lucy and I passed our FEMA Canine Search Certification Test today in Ohio. Lucy is from the Trip X Gypsy litter in 2013. She turned four on Friday.
She found 5 out of 5 victims during the test. It was quite hot but she did great.
Ever place we go I get comments on what a good looking dog she is from trainers and handlers all over the country. One of the evaluators today made me promise he gets first dibs if I ever give her up. That won't be happening. Let me know if you ever start cloning dogs. ??
Attached are some pictures of her today and from a USAR drill we did a month or so ago. At the drill she got to go for a helicopter ride and she did fine.
Lucy picture 2
Lucy picture 3
Lucy picture 4
Lucy picture 5
Lucy picture 6

Phil and Lucy
PA Task Force One

From: Catherine
Date: Thu, Jul 20, 2017
Subject: Beau at 14 weeks
To: Phyllis Giroux

Hey Kristi,
Thought you would enjoy seeing a picture of Beau at the Vet yesterday for shots. He’s such a good boy, we just love him. He weighs 33 pounds now. Have a great day!

From: cgsf
Sent: 7/19/2017
Subj: Scout

Hi Phyllis! I just wanted to thank you for breeding such a great dog! We adore Scout. He is so smart and has been very easy to train! He picks most things up in just one 10-15 minute training session! He learned hold and displayed it on command in 5 minutes and 2-3 corrections. His force fetching has been real easy too. I've done all the training myself and it has been awesome! I am very excited to get him in the dove field and duck blind soon. As you can see from the pic he still goes to the office everyday too. A real working dog! Thanks again!

From: Bobby
Date: Wed, Jul 12, 2017
Subject: Hatteras (Mad Hatter x Samantha, August 2014)

Hello All,
I just wanted to give an update on Hatteras. He is a pup from Mad Hatter and Samantha, born in August 2014. Hatteras has a wonderfully goofy and playful personality. He loves playing games of any kind but somehow manages to stay out of trouble. He and I very much enjoy our runs in the mornings and playing fetch every evening. He loves going to the beach to play in the sand and retrieve in the water. Within the last year we decided to let him try dock diving and this has quickly become his most favorite thing to do. He participates in all three disciplines within DockDogs. He has recently earned his Senior title with DockDogs (meaning that he consistently jumps between 15' 0" and 19' 11") and has a personal best jump of 19' 3"! Thank you so much to everyone who had a hand in matching Hatteras with our family! We look forward to getting him a little brother soon!

Jennifer Jackson & Bobby

From: Dana
Sent: 7/3/2017
Subj: Deep Run High Kaliber SH AX MXJ 3/9/04

Hi Deep Run,
I meant to send a pic of Kali on her 13th birthday, but here are a couple from this past weekend. She is still doing well, has lost some hearing, but can still find those bumpers, her favorite activity. A little weak in her rear too, but she is still a happy girl. We just came home from two weeks on the road in the RV, and she did great.

Take care,

From: Catherine
Date: June 24, 2017
Subject: Kate

I cannot say enough times just how much we LOVE Kate. There is not a day that we are not thankful for her loving disposition. Thank you for raising such wonderful family members.


Date: May 27, 2017
To: ""
Subject: Misty Birthday, Venus/Casey Pup

Turned 4 May 23rd. People stop us on the street in Florida and ask where we got such a beautiful dog. They love her pretty head. Wonderful, calm girl! Holly and Jim. Harleysville, Pa.

From: Scott
Date: May 15, 2017
To: ""
Subject: 'Ask Us' on DeepRunRetrievers Homepage

Hi Phyllis,
Checking in...
Harper is doing great!! She is the easiest dog I have ever trained and I have had great ones. You can see her thinking, trying to figure out exactly what I'm trying to teach her. Sit, stay (sit means stay) heel, come, kennel, place and force fetch are done and we had fun at the same time! Marking and lining now and looking forward to yet another AWESOME partner from Deep Run to hunt with this Fall. I hope six years from now to get another!!!

Have a nice summer!

From: Guy
Date: Mon, May 8, 2017
Subject: Sage

Sage (Deep Run Sierra Sage) out of Haze and Gypsy 5-24-16 passed both Junior Hunt Qualifiers at the SNRC doubleheader this last weekend. Both sets of judges complimented her as "a really fine dog".
Thanks again for such an outstanding dog! Picture attached.


From: Tim
Date: May 7, 2017
To: Phyllis Giroux
Subject: Casey/Dahlia 11/23/16

This is Billie from the Casey/Dahlia litter. She's such a hit in NYC and is loving every moment in CT too with her two pack mates, a spaniel and terrier. Everyone that meets her comments on her calm and sweet demeanour. They can't believe she's only 5 months old. She's as good as she's beautiful!

Thank you Phyllis!

From: Lynn
Date: April 6, 2017
Subject: Our Sweet Baby

Dear Friends @ Deep Run,

I can only imagine how it must feel to watch these beautiful creatures come into this world, take great care of them until they are 8 weeks old, then say goodbye, so I wanted to let you know that our baby 'Huck' is doing very well.
He has been introduced to all of our family, been hugged & snuggled & kissed all day, and now in his kennel with sweet dreams.
We are grateful for the new addition to our family, and promise to always take great care of him.
I've attached a few photos for you to see. Our Huck is home, and for that we are forever grateful. Huck picture 2

Michael, Lynn and Family

From: Chris
Date: Fri, Mar 17, 2017
Subject: Melody

Hi Phyllis,

We wanted to send you a few updated pics of Melody !!
Melody picture 2
Melody picture 3
She graduated from the intermediate training class few weeks ago, she was the top dog of the class!! The trainer was very impressed with how well she did in both the puppy and intermediate classes!! She is so smart that she would be bored and the trainer would challenge her more, lol !
She loves playing ball in the snow and meeting her BFF, "Kona", at the soccer field every morning !!!
We just have a quick question, we used to give our other labs a multivitamin along with cosequin. Should we be doing that with Melody or is the glyco flex and missing link sufficient.
Thank you in advance for your advice and a SINCERE THANK YOU for giving us such an awesome dog !!
We love Melody more than words can say!

Christine & Tim

From: Lisa
Date: January 17, 2017
Subject: Daisy

Hi Phyllis-
I wanted to reach out and let you know how wonderful Daisy is doing and how much we love her! She gets along very well with our other dog and the two of them play constantly. Daisy has enjoyed a trip to the ocean on a dog beach and swims in my in-law's pool. She has made many neighborhood dog friends and they come over frequently for play dates in our yard. We also have dog park in the neighborhood where Daisy can run free and play. I take her for many long walks daily and she is so well behaved. Daisy sleeps in her cage and takes a few naps per day. She loves the fenced yard and likes to chew on cow hooves in the shade. My children adore her and she plays so well with them. We have taken her to the Vet and she has received her rabies shot, as well as heart worm and flea medications. We wanted to thank you so much for raising such a wonderful pup! I will send you some photos of her experiences. Thanks again!


From: Virginia
Sent: 1/14/2017
Subj: Rupert from a Casey-Tutti Litter

Dear Phyllis,

I do not know why it took me so long to write to you about how much I love my dog from one of your Casey-Tutti litters, but I am in love with Rupert.
Rupert loves everyone and everyone loves Rupert. He is such a wonderful companion to me. He loves to play with other dogs and with old soccer balls. He loves the water and the snow. He came to live in Germany with me as of Oct 2015 and he is doing very well here, too.
Thank you for this wonderful animal. Here are some pics.

Rupert picture 2
Rupert picture 3
Rupert picture 4

Kind regards,
Virginia "Ginger"

From: Will
Date: Wed, Jan 11, 2017
Subject: Miss Rosie at Three

Hi Phyllis,
Miss Rosie is now three.
She is from PIA Sam and Stardust Dream.
She is a sweetheart.

Best regards,

From: Robbie
Date: January 11, 2017
To: Phyllis Giroux
Subject: Update on Moose

Hey there,
Just wanted to share some pictures, and a little update on Moose (Hatter and Laila’s pup). He is doing great, and growing very fast! He is already over 40lbs, and climbing quickly. He has also been hard at work learning to become a hunting dog. Moose has got some great drive and is obsessed with birds. From the day I brought him home he has been training. I started by dragging pheasant wings around the yard and then hiding them, and he always found them very quickly. I trapped some pigeons that he learned to flush eventually. Then I broke him into gunfire while he was doing his retriever training… First by smacking wood blocks together to simulate a gunshot, then (all in one week) I went from a .22 rifle to a 20 gauge shotgun and then to a 12 gauge shotgun. He is not gun-shy at ALL. In fact he never once reacted to the wooden blocks or any of the guns. I have built up his drive quite a bit, so he is too focused on birds or retrieving to notice.

This week he got his first retrieve of a wild bird. Little did I know it would be a GIANT goose. (I made sure it was completely done moving before allowing him to go see what it was). I didn’t expect him to retrieve it, but before I knew it he had grabbed onto one of the wings and dragged it back to me. It was awesome, but I am going to avoid letting him carry geese for now. I don’t want to develop a hard mouth.

Yesterday I stocked some hen pheasants to take him on his first official pheasant hunt. He did great! After he flushed the pheasants, he sat there watching them fly until I shot them… Then he ran to where they fell and brought them right to me… Perfect! He is a very smart dog and definitely way ahead of his age as far as training goes. I can’t wait to hunt with him more seriously next year.

My only question at the moment is about food. I have been feeding him 1 cup, 3 times a day. I read your instructions saying as the pup gets older I should be feeding him more, less frequently. When do I make the switch? He is almost 4.5 months old, and seems to be in great shape physically. I definitely want to keep him lean and healthy. At the moment he looks like he may be just slightly heavier than where he needs to be.

Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy the pictures!


From: Kay
Date: January 3, 2017
Subject: Pup's 1st Year

Our wonderful 1 year old from Sam and Rockette who was born January 2, 2016. Her name is Scout and she is everything lab! It's been a high energy year with lots of love!

Robert and Family

Happy New Year!
Want you to know how happy we all are with Scout. He is a wonderful addition to my family.
Another Scout picture.

From: Albert
Sent: 12/28/2016
Subj: Happy New Year!

We wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and tell you how much our family is loving our new editions Scout (now 11 months old). She has the best disposition and has been remarkably easy to train. She fits right in with our family and we can’t remember a time without her. Here are some recent shots.

Thanks again,
Al, Allyson and Family

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