Here are some more letters and photos we received from satisfied owners
(Last names and addresses have been omitted)

From: Holly
Date: December 26, 2016
To: ""
Subject: Misty age 3 Casey x Venus pup

Merry Christmas from Florida. Best girl ever, everyone tells us how pretty her face is!

From: Margie
Date: Fri, Dec 23, 2016
Subject: Pups To:


Here are a few pics of Barley with our 2 year old, Hopper. (son of Rugby and Glow). I wasn't sure how they would get along, but obviously they have bonded quite well! I have about 100 cute puppy cuddling pictures! He's a great big brother. She occasionally gets on his nerves with her biting and need for play, but overall he is quite tolerant of her. She is completely potty trained and rings the bells hanging on the back door when she needs to go out. She is a very smart little pup and adjusting well with our family.
Barley & Hopper picture 2
Barley & Hopper picture 3
Thanks for helping us bring these wonderful dogs into our home. Enjoy your holidays!


From: Trish
Date: Fri, Dec 16, 2016
Subject: Happy Holidays

Good morning Phyllis,
We wanted to wish all of you at Deep Run Farms the happiest of Holidays, and send some pictures of Rigby. (Chanel x Pancho June) She settled right in to her role as little sister and Lucy is thrilled to have a playmate and companion. Thank you for the joy you have brought to our home!
Rigby picture 2
Rigby picture 2
Warmest Wishes for a healthy, happy 2017!
Trish and Kevin

From: Mary
Date: December 16, 2016
To: Subject: Nash

D.R.Nashville Gold (14 weeks)

From: Suzanne
Date: November 17, 2016
To: Deep Run Farm
Subject: Chester

Hi Just wanted to send you a quick picture of Chester. He turned 1 in October. I can honestly say he is the best dog we have ever had and we will never use another breeder. We adore him!!!
He is the son of Siskel and Carly from the 2015 October litter. Best, Suzanne

From: Joanie
Date: Fri, Dec 2, 2016
Subject: Our Rosie!

Hi Phyllis! We wanted to share with you how delighted we are with our new Rosie, born on June 18th. She is lovable, smart, and such a wonderful addition to our family!! Thank you so much! We absolutely adore her!

Joanie and Rick

From: Chad
Sent: 11/13/2016
Subj: Pepper

Just an update on pepper's progress, after he left your place, we dove hunted with him were he retrieved 40+ doves. Then yesterday was opening day of our duck season. First duck we knocked down got into the reeds, where pepper trailed him and got his first duck which happened to be a banded mallard. We had a fairly good day where pepper made water retrieves in upwards of 40+ yards on the outside of the decoys. We are really pleased with our 7 month old puppy's ability to scent game. Other than being a little spoiled, he's going to be a great hunting dog.

Thank you for a great dog.

From: Paulette
Sent: 10/24/2016
Subj: Betts....Haze x Venus

Dear Dr. Giroux and Kristi,

I am attaching a few pictures of my new home in Pennsylvania. It is lots of fun; I have a great new "mom and dad." I met my new doctor the other day and she seems really nice. I am very laid back and fit into the lifestyle in this house very nicely. I’m going to start "school" real soon and maybe I’ll graduate as a "therapy dog" for my professional life. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.
Betts picture 2
Betts picture 3
I miss everyone, but I am happy here. Right now I am asleep under my mom’s desk.
Thanks for the great start in life.

Love and puppy kisses,

From: Lydia
Date: October 21, 2016
To: Phyllis
Subject: Cork update (Pancho x Fly)

I hope everyone is doing well.
We just returned from the LRC Inc National Specialty held in Chino, CA. I wanted to let you know that Cork had a truly amazing week.

1st Master Standard
1st Master Jumpers w/Weaves
1st Master FAST

1st and finished CDX title

(for those competing in the Challenge)

CHALLENGE (versatility award):
5th out of 17.

Also earlier this year he finished his USDAA championship (PDCH)

Next month he is qualified for and competing in USDAA Cynosports.
We're also hoping to finish his AKC MACH this season (season is just starting in AZ)
Cork is a great team mate and happy worker. He's always ready and willing to go. His sweet disposition makes such a happy addition to our family. We love this boy.

Sent from my iPhone

From: Scott
Date: Sun, Oct 16, 2016
To: Phyllis Giroux

Dear Kristi and/or Dr. Phyllis:
"Sarah's" trip home and first day/night as well as second day/night was nothing less than fabulous...and to be honest most impressive. "Sarah" slept in her crate with the door closed both nights! She for the most part has gotten use to the commands Kettle In/Out as well as "Sit". We are working on "Come" as well as hitting a bell on the door closest to her crate when she needs to go outside. She has been a great addition to the family and is as you can imagine extremely friendly, active, and loving. We could not have asked for a better Lab puppy. The work that you have done with her is quite evident and she is a true excellent product of your first rate breeding program. We will keep in touch, especially since our first VET visit is scheduled for this coming Thursday.

Warmest Regards - Sean, Mercy and Scott

From: Steve
Date: September 29, 2016
Subject: Update on Rosie at 1 Year

Hi Phyllis & Team,
Rosie (Siskel & Glow litter born on 9-18-15) reached her one year birthday and continues to be a great lab, family member, and companion. She absolutely loves the water and has developed quite a sense of humor. We receive compliments from everyone she meets and appreciate having one of your labs. Thank You.

Laura, Steve, Elliot, & Matthew
Rosie picture 2
Rosie picture 3

From: Tracy
Date: September 14, 2016
To: Phyllis Giroux
Subject: Our puppy

Hi this is Tracy and Gary ... Just popping in to let you know Max had his vet appointment today, healthy and happy...He also had his 9 week dhlp vacc..... Max is one of Howdy and Neely's puppies.. We can't tell you how much we love him.. You picked the best puppy for us.. We cant thank you again. Talk to u soon..

Sent from my iPhone

From: Jared
Date: Tue, Aug 30, 2016
Subject: Re: AKC Puppy Registration
To: Phyllis Giroux

Hi Phyllis and Kristi -
I wanted to touch base and let you know how much we are loving Winston - our Casey/Piper pup! He is approaching 10 months old and has effortlessly integrated into our busy household. Winston loves being out around the house and in the yard in the mix of everything! He especially loves his daily walks and training sessions - mainly because he loves the attention and treats! We can’t imagine our family without him!
I have attached a few photos so you can see how handsome and healthy he is. We think he looks a lot like his dad!
Winston picture 2
Thank you for being a responsible breeder and maintaining such high standards of breed conformity. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to purchase a Deep Run Farm retriever!

Jared and Elizabeth

From: Beth
Sent: 8/25/2016
Subj: Puppy Update - 13 weeks old

I wanted to share some pictures of our puppy, yes his name is MUD, I say his formal name is The Mud Hatter - He was the black male born May 21, 2016 from Ruby & Hatter. He has brought a lot of joy to our home. I was always the crazy cat lady everyone was worried how I would do with a dog- I can tell you that I have a new best friend.

Mud picture 3
Mud picture 4
Mud picture 5

Thank You,
Beth & Dave

From: Joe
Sent: 8/8/2016
Subj: CASSIE -Black female Sam X Twister 12/15/2015

Hi Phyllis,
I hope you are doing well.
Just wanted to send you an update on Cassie who is 7 months and 55lbs. in these pictures. She is a fabulous dog. She is currently in her 3rd obedience course and is doing very well. She loves to work and is very eager to please. Cassie has been such a great addition to our family. We absolutely adore her. I cannot thank you enough for breeding a dog with such a wonderful even temperament.

Best Regards,
Joann and Joe

From: Jimmy
Date: August 7, 2016
Subject: Zeppelin

Hello Phyllis,
Just checking in and sending a few photos down the line. Zeppelin is 7 now and I am still amazed everyday at his intelligence, gentle disposition, and calm demeanor. I think I tell him 10 times a day that he is the best dog in the world. He listens so well, and picks up on exactly what is happening, or what you want from him. Sometimes I think he can just plan understand the english language. Everywhere we go people fall in love with him. My father, who is 81 years old, states emphatically that Zeppelin is the best dog he has ever known.
I could gush on for a while here, but I’m sure I am not the first to feel this way about a Deep Run Retriever. My dads statement is a real testament to your abilities as a breeder and I myself am your biggest fan for sure!
Hope all is well in VA, enjoy the photos.


From: Patrick
Date: July 31, 2016
Subject: Pesto

Phyllis - Pesto is a happy puppy and Christina and I find her a joy. All is well. Thanks.


From: Talmage
Date: July 25, 2016
To: Phyllis
Subject: Thank you

I want to thank you for working with scout while I was out of town. Your work has made a big difference in his attention to instruction. I will work to build on your work.
He is a good boy.


From: Julie
Sent: 7/24/2016
Subj: Passed one leg!!

Hi Phyllis:

Chloe passed her first Junior Hunt leg today????????????.
She was the youngest dog at the test. So proud of her!!!
Yesterday, there was a mark on the edge of an island. She went right to the bird but got up on the island. The bird boy had to throw the duck back in the water to get her to come in. All other marks were great.....


From: David
Date: July 23, 2016
Subject: Mud

Phyllis, I wanted to say thanks again! We really have become attached to our new pup! As you can see in the photo he has become a working retriever! Beth has really become attached and is helping with early training. Mud is learning to sit and stay already, and he has been teaching us to enjoy life again!
Best investment I ever made!

Texas Dave

From: lynnandjan
Sent: 7/13/2016
Subj: update on TJ

Hi Phyllis and Kristi -
Just wanted to send along a few photos of Deep Run Pursuit of Happiness (aka TJ) enjoying the summer at Lake Winnipesaukee. He's from the Siskel x Apple litter born April 2015 and he's having a great time! Hope you enjoy seeing how he's grown!

TJ picture 2
TJ picture 3
TJ picture 4

Jan and Lynn

From: Susan
Date: Tue, Jul 5, 2016
Subject: Thor
To: Phyllis Giroux

Phyllis, hope this email finds you well and enjoying the summer!
Long overdue…but thought you would like to see a picture of Thor who is now almost 3 1/2 years old and the love of our lives!

From: Leann
Sent: 7/1/2016
Subj: COCO

So last summer my kids and I came to get our adorable Coco. Coco has brought so many blessings to our family this past year. She is absolutely perfect and amazing in every way. She completes our family. We try to give her as many blessings as she gives us. She loves to swim in the bay and enjoys boating with the family. She has made many doggy friends at the dog parks and around the neighborhood on our walks. My husband calls her Canine Coco because she protects the family and the house.? By the way her vet complimented how her puppy health records were organized on the page. So many people have asked where we got her from. The kids are saving their coins for a playmate for Coco. We can't thank you enough. She is so smart and was very easy to transition through puppy hood. She even rings a bell that hangs on her door to let us know when she wants to go outside. Have a great summer and hope to see you again one day.

coco coco coco coco


From: Chris and Kathy
Sent: 5/30/2016
Subj: Ella Junior hunter title photo {Sam x Star pup)

Hi Phyllis and Jack, Here is a photo of Ella with her first title ribbon, she passed her final AKC Junior Hunt test this weekend in Brandywine,MD (plus one more for good measure). Thanks for another great retriever and member of our family,

Chris and Kathy

From: Georgina
Date: Thu, May 5, 2016
Subject: Gumbo (Beyoncé x Chief)
To: ""

Hi Phyllis
Gumbo turned two in March, and he continues to amaze us! He is the most wonderful dog we've ever had--best personality, beautiful looking, and a retrieving machine! Thank you, again, for breeding such fantastic dogs!
Gumbo picture 2.

Georgina (Portland, OR)

From: Laura
Date: May 4, 2016
To: Phyllis Giroux
Subject: Hudson and Bo

Hi Kristi,

Thanks for the email. Below are pictures of Hudson and Bo. Sam's boys are good looking dogs. We get compliments everywhere we go. Our vet said she rarely gets to say that a dog is in perfect shape and health but Bo passed is 2 year physical with flying colors. He lives to run and swim. Hudson is growing fast and keeps Bo on his toes. He is attached to his "brother from another mother" and loves to pester the cats. We love our deep run retrievers. We will continue to refer our friends to you all. Hudson picture

Bob and Laura

From: Sarah
Date: April 16, 2016
Subject: Thank you!

Good evening!

I just wanted to thank Kristi for welcoming us to your beautiful farm today! We had such a wonderful time meeting all of your precious Norwich terriers, and immediately fell in love with Hopper! He has adjusted beautifully since we got home, I am incredibly impressed! And what makes us most happy is that he seems to like our other 2 dogs (and vice versa)! Here are two pics from tonight with sweet Hopper with Julio (our Brittany) and Field (Wirehaired Pointing Griffon). It's like he's always been part of our family! Thank you all for such a wonderful pup!!!


From: Lynn
Date: April 17, 2016
To: "Phyllis Giroux"
Subject: Phoebe (Pancho x Rain, Dec 2014)

Hello Phyllis, Kristi, Jack,
We are excited to report that at just short of 16 mos, Phoebe (Pancho x Rain) completed her Rally Novice Title, and got 2 legs toward her Rally Advanced last week at the Lab show in Frederick, MD. Photos attached. She is a great buddy, and a terrific working dog!!

From: Courtney
Sent: 4/17/2016
Subj: Report at 2 years Sam x Piper

Friday was Zeeva's 2nd birthday. (Sam x Piper 4/15/14) We have thoroughly enjoyed every minute with this wonderful girl and she has accomplished a lot so I thought who else to brag a little to than the people who gave her such a fantastic start. She was such a laid back puppy I was afraid she wouldn't have much drive when I started working her on birds....boy was I wrong. She won her our local club chukar challenge (left picture), puppy class at 6 months and won the whole thing at a year and a half! We also started working on obedience early on because I wanted her to be a therapy dog. She passed her canine good citizen test at 7 months but had to wait to a year old to take her therapy dog test which not surprisingly she passed with flying colors. Now she visits cancer patients and their families every week. We had so much fun in obedience I decided to try rally and she got her novice rally title at 20 months. On top of all these accomplishments she is still a laid back delight at home unless of course there's a frisbee around. Thank you so much for laying the groundwork for this amazing canine.

From: Cathy
Sent: 4/1/2016
Subj: Kate

I have been remiss in not emailing you about Kate. To say that she is a wonderful dog is an understatement!!! I have started working part time and Kate goes right to the office with me. She sleeps under my desk, out in the front reception area, basically wherever she can find a comfy spot! We share our office space with several therapists and Kate has been “borrowed” for some of their patients, that is how gentle and calming she is. There are several days when she’s at home due to schools being closed and invariably someone comes to the office and asks where she is.
Kate has been such a welcome addition to our family and can be quite the comedian! She’s hysterical with balls, tossing them in the air and chasing them down. There is a daily dip in our pool and she will stand in the shallow end barking for us to come out and join her.

Thank you so much for trusting us to purchase one of your dogs, best decision ever!

From: Noel and Max
Sent: 4/7/2016
Subj: Moose 12/20/14 Pancho x Rain - food question

Hello all at Deep Run!

We can't even begin to explain how amazing Moose is. He loves retrieving- birds, ducks, toys anything. I will have to have Max email you about his hunting accolades. He is Max's hunting dog, and my faithful companion. It's amazing how he fills both roles perfectly. He was so trainable and could sit the day we picked him up. Within a week I had him in down and in another week, rolling over. We took 3 levels of puppy/dog classes and Moose excelled at every one. It's evident how strong his bloodline is. He is healthy, lean, strong, and handsome. His drive to please us still amazes me. We cannot thank you enough.

Moose is about 15 months old and I'm just about out of his purina pro plan puppy. When is the right time to switch him to adult food?

I have enclosed some pictures of Moose for you.
Moose picture 2
Moose picture 3
Moose picture 4

All the Best,
Noel and Max

From: Bob
Date: March 22, 2016
To: "Phyllis Giroux"
Subject: Sonny

Sonny had his first vet visit today to receive his booster shots, get a health check and first doses of Frontline and Heartgaurd. He is in perfect health.
Want to thank you for the great job you did giving this pup a jump start on socialization and introductions to some basic OB. He is quiet in his crate, sleeps thru the night starting already on the third night and impressively well mannered in the house and on a leash. For such a young guy he does quite well at sit, here and heel. His adventures have just begun, but so far he’s shown to be fearless and well behaved traveling, at the horse barn, around equipment and ATV’s, around other dogs, and out in public like trips to Tractor Supply. And he clearly has plenty of heart for retrieving.


From: John
Date: Thu, Mar 17, 2016
Subject: Beau (Sload) update To: Phyllis Giroux

Hi Phyllis,
Happy St Patrick's Day.
Beau is doing great and we love him very much. He's 17 1/2 lbs now.
We're so happy he is a member of our family.
Thank you, John

From: Alec
Sent: 2/29/2016
Subj: Cricket


I hope this email finds you and Deep Run well! I wanted to send you an update on Cricket (Trip x Pepper). I'm not sure if you remember, but you were kind enough to watch her for a few weeks longer before we picked her up in 2011, I've attached a picture of her from your watch and her now at 4.5 years.
She's just a wonderful dog and companion, and she's grown to a full 75 lbs. Her desire to retrieve is literally insatiable, and she's never met a stranger. She has actually developed an nose for retrieving caught fish and dropping them at our feet. A true sportswoman!

Thanks so much.

From: Frederick
Date: February 27, 2016
Subject: Amazing Grace

Hi Phyllis and Kristie! Seems like only yesterday, but it’s been nearly three years and Grace is doing very well indeed. This is a picture from a Dock Diving competition where she took first place in the Semi-Pro Division last year in AZ. Grace has traveled internationally, to the British Virgin Islands twice, and been trained as a Service Animal, who helps me with my hearing. Recently, my girlfriend and I moved in together, so Grace now has two very small brothers, a Toy Poodle and a Bischon-toy Poodle mix.
Can’t imagine my life without Grace! So glad I found you guys!

Best regards,

From: Sissy
Date: February 23, 2016
Subject: Yogi at 2 years

Dear Phyllis,
Just wanted to share a photo of our handsome Yogi at 2 years (Casey x Fly). He is something extraordinary in every way and continues to impress us daily. He could not be more loved and perfect for us. Best wishes! Sissy

From: Randy
Sent: 2/15/2016
Subj: Fancy, Happy and Thunder

Good morning Phyllis,
I hope all is well with you, Jack and Deep Run.
I'm sending a recent picture of our Deep Run crew L-R are Fancy, Happy and Thunder.
As you can see life is good in Alabama for our Deep Run dogs!,


From: Lynn
Date: February 7, 2016
To: Phyllis Giroux
Subject: Phoebe (Pancho x Rain Dec 2014)

Hello Phyllis, Kristi, Jack,

We are excited to report that Phoebe (Pancho x Rain) entered her first show this weekend and qualified in Rally Novice, scoring 96 points and getting 4th place! I plan to enter her in additional events this spring.
She continues to be a joy to work with, and to have as a member of our family! Photo attached.


From: Emily
Date: February 4, 2016
To: Phyllis Giroux
Subject: Bud

I wanted to share a few pictures from our first hour with Bud at home! We are all in LOVE!!! He is getting so much TLC from this crew and has settled in so nicely!

Have a nice weekend.

From: Jim and Pam
Sent: 1/23/2016
Subj: Greetings from Jersey

Penny is 10 months on Tuesday. We love her so much. Hope all is well in VA.

Jim and Pam

From: Stephanie
Sent: 1/21/2016
Subj: Joe and Cara Pup - Dixie Mae

I wanted to let everyone know how much we love our little Dixie Mae. She is an absolute sweetheart! She fit right in with our busy family and loves the children. She is also very smart. Potty training was a breeze and she came to us loving her crate! She will sometimes go upstairs and take a nap in her crate on her own. She loves to retrieve and picked up on the commands "sit", "come", "leave it" and "drop" very quickly! We look forward to watching her grow and learn. Thanks again for matching us with this wonderful pup and all the care you gave her before she came to us! Please find pictures below!

All the best,

From: Jenny
Sent: 1/10/2016
Subj: Rocky

Hi Deep Run,

Rocky turned ONE last month and is doing great. He is a handsome young man and very good. He loves playing with dogs, hiking and as you can see from the photo playing with his toys. #spoiled
As he moves off of the puppy food in a couple of months what adult dog food do you feed the dogs at the farm? All the best,

Jenny and Rockstar

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