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  • About Our Breeding Stock
    • ALL of our breeding stock of Labrador Retrievers have OFA good or excellent hips, OFA elbows, and current eye clearances. See our FAQs for information about OFA and CERF. We test our dogs for Exercise Induced Collapse, Centronuclear Myopathy and a variety of other genetic traits or physical tests such as full dentition and patellar luxation.
    • Sires are always dogs with top quality pedigrees and all recommended health clearances. Knowledge of the pedigree ensures freedom from genetic defects. Many dogs are titled in conformation and field.
    • Dams exceptionally well-bred dogs, many are titled themselves. They are sound in mind and body and even-tempered to impart those qualities in their pups.

  • Requirements
    • Registration with a recognized Registry, and copy of same.
    • Copy of Pedigree.
    • Color picture showing eye and nose color.
    • OFA Hip, Elbow and Eye Certification.
    • Eye exam by a Board Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist. A genetic test for PRA is recommended as well.
    • Genetic test indicating the dog does not carry the dilute Gene. (This is the gene that produces silver.)
    • Negative Brucellosis test within 14 days (we can do this here, cost $33.00).
    • We generally prefer not to breed chocolate dogs to yellow dogs and vice versa.
    • We have frozen semen available for some of our stud dogs, stored at different locations.
      For our stud dogs that are still available, we recommend using chilled semen, as the likelihood of pregnancy is much better, and the timing of insemination less critical. If you wish information on the frozen semen, please contact us for details.

  • Costs
    • The stud fee is due prior to the first breeding or first semen shipment.
    • Stud fees for our dogs range from $750-$1500.
    • Please check each stud dog listing for his fee.
    • All sires are proven. Semen is examined and evaluated prior to each side by side breeding or shipment.
    • If you wish to bring or ship your female to Deep Run, Dr. Giroux will monitor her progress with Vaginal Smears and in House progesterone testing. Each progesterone test is $90, sometimes one is enough, sometimes we may need to run 3 or 4 to establish ovulation dates. The dog will be bred at the appropriate time based on progesterone levels.
    • We do not offer Natural covers. All live breeding is done side by side Artificial Insemination. This allows evaluation of each semen sample prior to insemination and is much less stressful for the female. Each female is covered at least twice.
    • The costs for in house breeding fees:
      $25 per day for basic board. Boarding upgrades to suites or with exercises are available.
      Progesterones as indicated at $90 each.
    • When available, trips to the Airport for pickup and delivery are $50, plus a fuel surcharge (currently $50.00). No airport trips are currently available.
    • For chilled semen, each collection, evaluation, extension, and preparation for shipping is $175. We have our own semen shippers on hand and extender. The extender and the shipper are included in the $175 fee. We recommend Federal Express Priority Overnight for semen delivery. The cost for this varies. You should contact Fedex if you have questions about their fees.. I recommend 2 shipments. each is billed at the same rate.
      The key to successful Chilled Semen breeding is having good testing of the female, good communication between your veterinarian and Dr. Giroux, and good logistics. We require QUANTITATIVE progesterone testing of your female to best determine the appropriate days for insemination. Optimum breeding occurs when the progesterone is between 10 and 20 ng/ml.

    We reserve the right to refuse Stud Service to any female if we feel that the breeding is not suitable or adequate care may not be taken with puppy placement.

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