Here are some more letters and photos we received from satisfied owners
(Last names and addresses have been omitted)

Subject: Arizona Deep Run Dogs
From: Jacque & sons
Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2006

Hi, Phyllis:
We wanted to send a quick note to say THANK YOU to Deep Run Farm Retrievers for two of our family members, Dragon (yellow lab) and Carly (chocolate lab).
The yellow lab, with the English, stockier build, and the chocolate lab, with the sleeker build, are gorgeous. We receive so many compliments about the two different dogs’ excellent conformation and outstanding disposition. The common thread, I believe, is the unique Deep Run Farm Retrievers method of breeding and raising puppies. Having had large breed dogs (raised from puppies) for most of my life, our two labs from Deep Run Farm arrived confident and well adjusted. Both dogs are SO people friendly and intelligent that they add joy to our every day.
We are so happy to have them in our family!

Jacque & sons

Subject: Thank you
From: Peter
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2006

Deep Run Farm,
I want to thank you for care you provided my dog, Cimabue, for the past 11 months while she was boarded at your facility. It was a great solace to know that she was being cared for while my wife and I had our house rebuilt.
I knew that Deep Run was a first class facility when two separate friends immediately recommended boarding my dog with you. However, what convinced me was how my dog reacted every time she came or left the Farm. On approach to the farm, often while still driving on route 17, she would become very excited and alert. This was the same behavior she demonstrated when we approached my in-laws cabin (her favorite place in the world) in the Shenandoah Mountains. When she left the farm she was clean, fit, and alert. She was herself. I would recommend your service to anyone.


Subject: Ms Sadey The Bird Lady
From: David
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006

Just wanted to send a quick note about Sadey (Indy/Rider pup). This past weekend she passed her first and second started test!! We have both been working very hard to become a great team. Thankfully she has a lot of built in knowledge which has made training her a dream for a beginner like me. She really did great, she even received a few complements from the judges. One judge said it looked like I snapped a chalk line for her to follow to and from the mark.
The test environment really got her jacked-up she was beside herself with excitement. Oh course I was a little jacked myself. We are planning on running two more tests next month to get her started title. Wish us luck.
Phyllis, thanks again for producing such a fine pup. She has become such a great member of our family and we all love her very much, but this weekend she proved she will be a fantastic hunting partner as well. Enclosed are some of the pictures from the hunt test, enjoy!
Sadey picture 1
Sadey picture 2
Sadey picture 3
Sadey picture 4

Take care,
David E. Helsom

Subject: Deep Run Whiskey River SH AX AXJ
From: "Linda
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006

I just wanted to send you an update on Willie (Elvis/Rita 7/04 puppy). He got his Senior Hunter in April at the age of 20 months, and his Excellent Agility Standard and Jumpers titles (all 1st placements) at the age of 22 months. We didn't even start training him for agility until 18 months....he was just such a fast and eager learner. He will be listed on the Lime Creek website for being a Top Finisher for Fast Labs running in AKC Agility, when they update their list. Brandon has been training him for Master Hunter, and we plan to run him in Masters this fall as well as starting him in HRC Hunt Tests. We will also continue with his Agility and work towards his Master Excellent Titles as well as his MACH (Master Agility Champion). He is such an awesome performance dog and the sweetest, most laid back pet! We call him our "old soul" because he is so calm and easy-going that sometimes we forget how young he is! When it's time to work, he's all business and has tons of drive....what a wonderful combination! He gets tons of compliments and people are always asking where he came from, we're always happy to recommend Deep Run. I've attached some agility pictures of Willie. Thanks again for such a great boy!
Willie picture 1
Willie picture 2
Willie picture 3


Subject: Exciting News
From: Diane
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006

I wanted to let all of you know that Gidget achieved her Agility Dog Championship this past weekend. In a 4 day trial in wet, muddy conditions she became the 19th Labrador in the USDAA to get a champion title. She is an Elvis/Risky pup from October 2001.
The following web page has a video of Gidget doing the 60 weave pole challenge a couple of weeks ago: We didn't break the Labrador record, but we did a good job that day.

Thank you again for a wonderful and awesome dog.
Diane and
ADCH Deep Run's Good Vibrations TCH-bronze, SCH-bronze, RCH, NA, NAJ, CGC

Subject: Our Bonnie
From: Carrie
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006

Dear Phyllis,
We'd like to thank you again for the wonderful pup from the Hero x Bonnie litter this winter. We liked her mother's name so much that we decided to name our pup Bonnie as well! Our Bonnie is a joy and always willing to please. She is dependable for come, sit, and we are working on stay. She walks excellently on leash, heeling like a pro. When I take her for walks around the neighborhood she is better behaved than some dogs that are two and three years old (and she is only three months). We've collected quite a few compliments and everyone wants to know where we got such a sweet, friendly, good-looking dog! Attached are some pictures:
First night we had her home on Dad's feet
Waking up from a nap, 9 weeks
Me and Bonnie, 11 weeks
Retrieving in the backyard 1
Retrieving in the backyard 2
Retrieving in the backyard 3

Thanks so much,
Carrie and family

From: Gloria
Date: 2006/03/09 Thu PM
Subject: Kaya

Hi Phyllis
I thought you might want to see what Kaya looks like today. She's almost 3 already and she's a big girl. Solid and can run like the wind and has a nose that just doesn't quit. She was very dignified for the first picture and then decided that it was my turn to smile for the camera. She's my funny girl and oh what a love! Thanks so much!
See Kaya picture 1
See Kaya picture 2


Subject: Deep Run High Kaliber JH NA NAJ (Elvis x Risky 3/9/04)
From: Dana
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006

Just an update on Kali, she has earned her NA and NAJ agility titles! She has only been jumping at height since the last week of January, but you can see what a good jump technique she has in the rear view pic attached. I've also attached a couple of other pics from this past weekend. We are still training for Senior HT, she is very steady and handles doubles with no problem. Just working on our blind drills, hope to be ready by the end of Spring for an SH test.
See Kali agility 1
See Kali agility 2
See Kali agility 3

Thanks for a great pup, (I will want another one just like her in a few years...)

Lucas, TX

Subject: Hello Deep Run
From:Jim and Stache
Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006

My name is Jim, I purchased a black lab puppy from you two years ago. His name is Stache, his parents were Teddy and Jordan. While I understand that the majority of your dogs are field champions and are some of the finest examples of gun dogs in the world, you may remember that Stache was destined for a different path. We graduated the Philadelphia Police Academy in August, Stache was certified as a Cadaver Dog. Not long after graduation we were requested to go to Mississippi to search for the missing after Katrina. Stache was amazing. He worked hard during the day and in the evening was the joy of the rescue workers at the tent city that we lived in. He was a hard working field dog when searching and a goofy, happy puppy in the evening.
That which makes your dogs great in the field, also makes the line great for the service of mankind.
See Stache at work

Jim and Stache

Subject: Puppy from Teddy and Annie (3-10-01)
From: John and Hannah
Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2006

Hi Phyllis,
I'm writing to you about this incredible dog I purchased from Deep Run Farm's back in 2001. Her name is Hannah and she has been a treat in our house and out in the field. I never imagined having such a capable dog at this level. She been everything I wanted in a dog and more. When I purchase her, all I wanted was a companion and a dog who would do some upland hunting. So I joined a retriever club here in Wisconsin to keep her in shape in the off season. Once I started training with the club, they where telling me I should enter her in some hunt tests, so I did. In 2005, I entered her in senior hunt test and she passed three out of five tests. The two tests she failed were because of my lack of experience. I will finish her up in 2006 with her senior title and have an outstanding dog.
She is a great upland hunter , we have been out to the Dakota's the last four years and she has done a super job for us. I also took her out waterfowl hunting last fall for the first time, Phyllis you would have been so happy to see one of your dogs perform out there like that. When the time comes to buy another retriever it will be coming from Deep Run Farms.

Thank You,
John and Hannah

Subject: Tank had a great time in North Carolina in December
From: Bev
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006

Jack and Phyllis;
Tank has had a great waterfowl season despite the lack of ducks. She has retrieved about 40-50 ducks, a few geese and a couple of swans so far in many varied conditions. She really lives to hunt and is as far as I can tell doing quite well for a young dog. Thanks for your great help in bringing her along. She is probably not going to be a Master Hunter under my guidance but she is great in the types of hunting I am involved in.
This picture was taken after an afternoon of shooting over the Intercoastal Waterway in North Carolina where Tank had several 150 yard blind retrieves out into the current.

Thanks again to all.

Subject: Piper
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006

We wanted to write to let you know that Piper (aka Bubbles from the May 2005 Hero/Bonnie litter) is doing well. She has a great personality and loves her older brother Bo. She has mastered most of her basic commands and will start agility training soon. It has been great getting another dog. Im attaching a few photos that were taken right after Christmas. The black lab in some of the photos is Boomer. He came from one of Buddy's litters and is owned by Jay Moore.
See Piper picture 1
See Piper picture 2
See Piper picture 3
See Piper picture 4

Hal & Diana

From: Joanne
Date: 2006/01/03 Tue
To: Subject: Gus - Holiday Photo

Hello All, I wanted to send you the holiday photo of Gus (Hero x Peach litter) and his 'brother' Beau. He's doing wonderfully and his house training is coming along just great. One of his favorite things to do is run through the yard darting in & out of the bushes and around the trees at top speed. I think some agility training would be right up his alley! He is truly a joy to be with everyday, we couldn't be a happier.

Thanks again and Happy New Year,
Joanne & Dan

From: Brian
Date: 2005/12/29 Thu
Subject: Midas

Hi Phyllis , HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOUAND YOUR STAFF AND FAMILY. Just awanted to give you an update on MIDAS and how he has adapted to his life on long island. I could not have wanted more from a dog he loves to pheasant hunt with me at my pheasant preserve. He is working on his sit to the flush and coming along nicely. At the end of a long day of hunting he loves to end the night by curling up on the couch next to me or one of my children .He recently started to point on chuckar and allows me to move in close and then I send him in and he will flush it up. I can always tell when he is on abird he gets real low to the ground and his tail getts going, next time out I will bring the camera and not the gun. I had him on his first duck hunt and he was great. he sat quiet in the blind and waited for his que. Most of the birds he could not see drop but with a little guidance he retrieved all downed game, he never hesitated when told to go,just one big splash and off he went. It was his first time swimming thru decoys and after his pass thru them he was never confused by them again. His last retrieve of the day was his best, the bird was in the reeds on the other side of the pond he found the bird with alittle help and picked it up but grabbed a reed with it. Not ounce did he think about letting go he just pulled until the reed came with him, he delivered the duck and the reed to me and was ready for the next one. I will send pics next time out.

Thanks again for a great dog and friend,

Subject: to Phyllis
From: Val
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005

Hello, Phyllis and Jack.
November 2005 - Bear Update:
Bear continues to be a wonderful companion, friend and retriever. Andrew and the boys took him out to the Eastern Shore for a Thanksgiving hunt. The training we did paid off. He also has great instincts. He had retrieves through water, grass and marsh mud mud mud.
Here is a picture of Drew, Dave and Bear with two of the ducks Bear retrieved.

We'll keep you posted on Bear's continued success!

Subject: Annie in South Dakota 2005 (Deep Run's Remembering Annie - Hombre X Classy, Mar 04)
From: Ron
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2005

Hi Phyllis,
Annie and I had a great trip to South Dakota earlier this month and I wanted to share these pictures and an update.
We hunted public and walk-in access land and were able to take a limit of pheasants everyday. Annie turned 20 months old during the trip and also became a pretty good pheasant hunter. We "retriever train" with a group here in Colorado monthly all summer and we duck hunted a couple of times in early October. But those things didn't prepare her for pheasant hunting. The first day, she hunted, but didn't really know what she was doing. The second day she started putting things together and from then on just got better and better. By the 10th day, when she got on a track, that bird was going to fly. It was so fulfilling to see her and if you were there I'm sure you'd be as proud of her as I am.
Annie is a joy to be around and have as a family member. Her temperament is outstanding and she gets along extremely well with her "sister" whippets and a chinese crested. All in all, we could not be happier with her.
We also plan to continue with NAHRA test next Spring and unless I mess her up, will finish her started title.

See Annie picture 1
See Annie picture 2
See Annie picture 3
See Annie picture 4
See Annie picture 5
See Annie picture 6
See Annie picture 7
See Annie picture 8
See Annie picture 9
See Annie picture 10

Ron and Jackie
Colorado Springs

Subject: Hero x Peach litter - 'Gus'
From: Joanne
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2005

I just wanted to send you an update and some photos on Gus. Since we brought him home (Oct. 8th) he's been such a wonderful puppy!!! He has a sweet disposition & loves playing with his 2 year old 'brother' Beau. They are each other's shadow & play from the minute they get up until it's bed time.
Gus is doing fantastic with the crate/house training and is a joy to have romping through the house. I highly recommend you to my friends as a breeder & often send your website link around to those I know maybe looking to add a puppy to their lives. Thank you so much for giving Dan & I such a wonderful little guy. He is handsome, calm, smart and sweet (he gives me 'hugs' when I get home) and we look forward to the many years ahead.
See Gus picture 1
See Gus picture 2
See Gus picture 3
See Gus and Beau picture 4
See Gus and Beau picture 5

Joanne & Dan

Subject: Hawk Update
From: Bill
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005

Here is an update on Mr. Hawk and a couple of photos; 1st duck & then our 70 mile ride home.
This amusing letter is too long to post here, please see the photos and read about
Hawk's Journey


(Here is a letter from one of our many breeders)

Subject: Elvis x Blackie Puppies Sold
From: Darrell
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005

Hello Phyllis,
Just wanted to let you know the puppies (Elvis x Blackie) are all sold so you can remove that info from your website. Thank you very much. I got two inquiries and one sale from your site.
The pups turned out great. They have very relaxed temperaments yet show lots of desire in the field. There’s a bit of pointing showing up too. One customer says his male consistently locks up on his cat. We kept one female and she’s paused on feathers. I need to get some live quail in front of her. So far, I’m very pleased as are my customers. I’m definitely considering a repeat breeding in early 2006.

Thanks for all your help.
Take Care,

Subject: Deep Run High Kaliber JH
From: "Dana"
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005

Kali went 4 for 4 to earn her JH title this Saturday! She has been so much fun to train and live with. When I first talked with you about getting a Deep Run pup, I told you I wanted high drive but with an off switch. Well, that's exactly what I got! Kali is very high drive, she loves field work, her whole body trembles while we are waiting in the holding blinds, and she takes off like a bullet. But at home, she loves to be in my lap and sleeps between us at night.
We also are training agility and she is doing very well, we probably won't trial until she is closer to 2, I don't want to jump her at height until then. She has lot's of fun with agility, but her heart is definately in the field. We've already started training for Senior!
Thanks for a great pup, I've attached a couple of pics from this weekend. Kali picture 1, Kali picture 2.

Dana Williams
Lucas, TX

Subject: Deep Run Whiskey River, JH
From: "Linda Mallard"
Date: Mon, 9 May 2005

We just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with our Elvis/Rita (7/25/04) puppy, Willie. On Sat. April 30, after turning 9 months old, he completed his AKC Junior Hunter title. He qualifyied in 4 straight trials to achieve this and was the youngest dog entered the day he finished his title. He has more heart and drive than any dog we have seen at the tests we attended, and he brings joy to our lives on a daily basis. We plan to continue with hunt tests and possibly field trials....his distance work is amazing for a puppy. He also enjoys watching our other lab run agility, so that may be in his future as well. We can't thank you enough for such a wonderful companion and hunting buddy....who knew a pup with tons of drive could also curl up in your lap on the sofa! He is the best of both worlds!

Linda and Brandon Mallard
Willie JH

Subject: 2 of your girls!
From:"Gildenpfennig, Mary"
Date: Thu, 5 May 2005

Hello, I thought you would want to see a couple of pictures of two of your girls that we we lucky enough to obtain through you. the first photo of the 3 dogs, the two lighter yellows are Bailey and Bella. See another picture.
Bailey is our youngest she is the daughter of Elvis and Mardi and she is 1 year and 4 months old and is she birdie, we have taken her out duck hunting and pheasant hunting at 11 months old and she blew a 4 year old who has hunted her whole life out of the water, she scared up more roosters than any other dog that day 9 in total. w e are so proud of her and just love her to pieces, we were a little scared when we got her you called her a firecracker and she is and more but so loving and loyal as well, she is so much fun. The lab in the middle is Bella, rightfully named she is quite beautiful. She is a Benny and Rita pup and she is 2 years and 4 months old. She is the best dog I swear I have never had another like her, she never gets into anything and was out of the kennel at 8 months of age and just the best companion.... She duck hunts every season and is very good, not many dogs beat her to the fallen bird, she is very eager to go, as soon as she sees us getting out the bag that has the calls in it she is at the back door waiting for us. I can't thank you enough for two such wonderful additions to our family, they sleep with us and sit with us at night (we had to buy 2 chair 1/2's to accommodate them) we wouldn't have it any other way. We wanted to tell you how loved and adored they are and that we are giving them a wonderful home to live in and they receive many hugs and kisses everyday. When the time comes to get another dog, we will surely call you up and get one from you.
Thank you again,
Mary Gildenpfennig

Subject: pics of midas on st pattys day hunt
From: Brian
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005

Dear Phyllis ,
Just wanted to give you an update on Midas and his bird hunting. As you can see from the pics he is starting to find bird and his retrieving ability is just as good. On sunday 3/13/05 I entered into a chuckar challenge at the gun club I belong to. Midas and I had 20min to find 3 birds with 6 shots we took 4th place. He did great. It was our 1st time out in a couple of months , since we last spoke I was just working on training with pidgeons.These pictures are from a hunt on st patty's day. Midas and my other lab that I adopted locally SAM worked great togetheras you can see .we took home 11 out of 15 birds put out. The one's we didn't get were not the dogs fault.Midas is not only a good hunter he also is a great friend ,Ican't leave my house with out him at the door before me. He is sweet and very affectionate just as you described him to me. He is great with my kids as well and SAM and MIDAS have become great friends. I would reccomend a DEEPRUN RETRIEVER to anyone looking for a good dog.You have beautiful facility and your dogs are better.
When I called you back in november and decribed what I was looking for you said Midas would be perfect and you were the comes to a close I'm loking forward to working with Midas on LAKE GEORGE. Midas not only likes to hunt he loves to train. So I'm looking forward to duck hunting in the fall, it will be new for the both of us.
See Midas picture 1
See Midas picture 2
See Midas picture 3

Thank you ,
BRIAN Date: January 1, 2005
Here are some photos of Belle, Fred Perini's dog. Belle is an Elvis daughter out of a Tardy daughter. She is strong in Deep Run heritage!!
See Belle picture 1
See Belle picture 2
See Belle picture 3

Subject: Tina
From: "Brook"
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2004

Thank you so much for getting Tina to us! She arrived on time Sunday night and couldnt wait to get out & play with us! We absolutely love her and cant wait to get her out hunting! Today She was such a good girl she obeyed every command! She is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen and I will send pictures to you!
Thanks Again!!
Brook & Jake Miller
St. George, Utah

Subject: Update on Grayson (Classy/Hombre litter)
From: cvernon
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004

Hello Deep Run family,
I wanted to take this time again to thank you for such a beautiful puppy. My husband and I are truly blessed. He is our pride and joy and everyone compliments on his gorgeous coat, eyes and of course, that face. We took this picture while visiting a friend in Annapolis. Grayson sure does like to pose for the camera. He turned 10 weeks on Sunday and he is so smart. We remind him everyday!!! Thank you again for the gorgeous dog…we can’t wait to see what he will look like all grown-up. We will keep you posted.

Carrie and Kevin Vernon
P.S.- I have also attached a picture of Grayson and his best friend Bronx. Bronx is cute girl my best friend adopted last winter. Grayson and Bronx make quite the pair!

See the click to see more letters page of letters and pictures from our satisifed customers

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