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You can request your desired boarding appointment online! Boarding dogs must have current vaccinations: Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella (kennel cough), and heartworm preventative. Before confirming a boarding reservation, we require a fax from your veterinarian or a copy of your veterinary receipt that confirms your dog is up-to-date with these vaccinations.

Canine Influenza is REAL! Canine Influenza is a problem in the Northern Virginia area. This is a NEW respiratory virus that can affect dogs of all ages and breeds. We do not currently require, but do recommend canine infulenza vaccination prior to boarding your pet with us.
Read about Canine Influenza
Read about AVMA information on pets and H1N1

*** Canceled reservations need to be canceled by phone as we do not always have access to our Internet ***

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Before we can confirm your reservation, we require a fax (540-752-4775) from your veterinarian or a copy of your veterinary receipt that confirms your dog is up-to-date with these vaccinations:
DHLP-P, Rabies, Bordatella (kennel cough). Heartworm preventative and flea and tick protection is also required, but we can administer that on your pet's arrival.

We must have received a copy of your pet's vaccination status from your vet (or a copy of your vet receipt) prior to dropoff. Vaccinations must be completed 5 days prior to checkin.

Dropoff date: Pickup date:
*Dropoff/Pickup times are Mon-Sat 10-11AM and 4-5PM; Sunday 4-5PM

Standard Boarding @ $35/day
Deluxe Suite @ $42.50/day
Platinum Suite @ $62.50/day, $27/day for second dog (each less than 75#)

(Boarding is $5 additional/day on major holidays)

ADDITIONAL OPTIONS (you can sign up now or at dropoff)

Pampered sleeping:
Kuranda bed is included with all Boarding Options;
Fleece for Kuranda bed @ $2/night

Playtimes :
As part of the basic boarding fee, all dogs have their own individual run, and are walked to the exercise/play area three to four times daily.
In addition, your pet may optionally have:
15 minute supervised play session @ $15/session
Two 15 minute private play sessions per day @ $20/day

Nature walk :
Nature walk on Flexilead around the farm @ $20

Swimtime :
30 minute swimtime (Apr - Oct) @ $30
40 minute swim-walk combo (Apr - Oct) @ $40

Salon :
Nail clip @ $12
15 minute daily brushing @ $12
30 minute body massage @ $45

Daily training :
@ $15/session; Options include puppy manners, basic obedience, swimming lessons, and bird and gun introduction. Indicate special needs in "additional information" below
Training programs include basic boarding @ $375/week; $1200/month. Training spots available, please book in advance.

Go-home bath with HydroSurge bathing (includes ear cleaning, nail trim and brushing. Matted coats $10 or more extra) :

Small dogs less than 30#
Short coat @ $20
Medium coat @ $25
Long coat @ $30

Medium dogs 30-50#
Short coat @ $25
Medium coat @ $30
Long coat @ $45

Large dogs over 50#
Short coat @ $40
Medium coat @ $55
Long coat @ $70 and up

Additional information:


You should see a yellow page titled "Your Request is being processed" after clicking on the "Submit Info" button.